JHK consulting approach to the aesthetic medical practice centers around developing a multi-level, customized, business plan that will help increasing your practice visibility, promoting the right cosmetic procedures and aesthetic technology while maximizing revenues.

aesthetic practice consulting

A focused approach for a thriving aeshetic practicet

While many manufactures sell devices with the promise of patients asking for the latest aesthetic procedures, in reality it takes a well planned and consistent effort to promote, attract, convert and monetize new and existing patients. 

JHK consulting approach to aesthetic medical practices centers around developing a multi-level, customized, business plan that helps increasing practice visibility, promoting the right cosmetic procedures and aesthetic technology while maximizing revenues. 

Strategic Planning: After an intial pratice evaluation, JHK will determine what critical areas need more attention or improvement and we will develop the strategic planning with you to incorporate your long-term goals and to deliver a sustainable path to practice profitability and growth. 

Planning will examine all key areas of your practice: management, marketing, technology, procedures ROI, staff training and evaluation, patient outreach, conversion sales to ensure success and profitability.  We will also include evaluating market dynamics, trends and competitors so to provide you with a 12-16 month outlook that can be subequently revisited to ensure all goals are met and the necessary changes implemented.

Medical Practice Consultation: JHK  will advise and inform aesthetic practitioners on the most suitable  technology and prices based on their actual needs, practice size,  revenue and business vision to achieve the optimum balance between  medical devices (new or refurbished) investment, projected revenues and  the best integration with existing technology and procedures. 

REACH - Marketing:  A key aspect of successful marketing is to understand and leverage the internal and external environment to ultimately increase revenues. JHK will cover all the marketing strategies needed, from niche marketing to social media and advertising, how to create, retain,  sell and up-sell new and existing customers and all your procedures and technology.  We will also provide the essential strategies, guidelines, training and tools needed to capitalize on the aesthetic procedures you and your staff offer while taking in consideration all key financial aspects and ROI to ensure your practice success.

Staff Evaluation and Training: Most medical practitioners are far too busy seeing patients, and often the most important part of their business, selling the procedures, is left to staff members without the proper training, experience or sales skills needed to effectively promote them. This is a common occurrence in busy offices, and it can often result in up to 30% in missed revenues. 

Our staff training focuses on improving your staff skills and etiquette so that each individual can become an effective and knowledgeable sales agent within your practice, thereby increasing and contributing to the overall revenue generation and ROI per patient process. 

We will ensure that your staff learn the proper front desk skills, the ability to tactically interact with customers to create a positive experience, while selling new or existing procedures, be fluent in the medical products and procedures offered and be able to retain, convert and close new prospects through consistent communication and follow-up. To stimulate  such dynamic and challenging environment, JHK will create the proper employee compensation strategies based on goals and productivity. In addition JHK can also offer a pre and post- training staff evaluation to show progress, and/or recommend new skilled staff if needed. 

Who can benefit from JHK consulting services?

Whether you want to open a medispa, or grow an established plastic surgery or cosmetic dermatology clinic, our consulting strategy, business and marketing planning and profitability analysis can improve your aesthetic business success.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

 ― Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny